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Parent Training

Do your kids act out or misbehave?

Does your child seem sad or anxious?

Do you feel frustrated or overwhelmed as a parent? . . .

The skills and techniques used in play therapy can be your path to ending your worries and doubts and to becoming happy and emotionally healthy children and parents.


What makes play therapy so effective is the relationship formed between the therapist and the child. A play therapist spends several weeks developing a bond or connection with the child. The child sees that no judgments about him or his behaviors are made. The child learns that he is unconditionally accepted and feels safe to work through his issues. As a parent, you can learn these same skills and build a strong relationship with your child.

Why is play therapy the solution?  


How can you learn these play therapy skills and improve your relationship with your child?     

pexels-gustavo-fring-4148842 (1).jpg

Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT)

is a 

program where you learn to interact with your child the same way that a trained play therapist does. CPRT is a 10-week training program that is led by a facilitator and can be accessed online at a time convenient to you. Parents are taught skills that focus on building a secure bond with their child. You will learn how to “tune in” to and respond to your child’s needs and how to address symptoms. You will also learn skills that are effective in limiting your child’s misbehavior. You then implement the skills in weekly play sessions with your child followed up by weekly feedback and Q&A sessions with your facilitator.

Sounds good, right?

This parenting model has been researched extensively and many studies 

have validated its effectiveness in reducing children’s behavior problems and parental stress.


If you would like to explore this option, please call to schedule a free consultation. I am happy to discuss CPRT and play therapy with you and answer your questions.

Call (727) 351-3366 to schedule your FREE consultation.

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