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I'm Kathryn Wright -

I am dedicated to helping your child find happiness and healing through play therapy. If you’re thinking of counseling for your child, play therapy is the best solution!

Healing Through Play

Playing is a child’s natural way to communicate and cannot be taught. Children use play as their language to understand and explain their world. In play therapy, children feel free to join the therapist and play out their problems and express their feelings in a safe and trusted setting.


The therapeutic powers of play produce the desired change in a child’s dysfunctional thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Play is the child's language and toys are the words used to express and explain a child's world.


It is easier for a child to create a scene in a sand tray than it is to talk about the issue. Subconsciously, the child can make the connections to their own life and begin to work through their problems.


Much of a trauma experience and the troubling symptoms that follow traumatic stress are nonverbal. It is difficult to describe in words what happened. Play takes away the expectation to talk about the event.


The skills and techniques used in play therapy can be your path to ending your worries and doubts and to becoming happy and emotionally healthy children and parents.


Ms. Kathryn Wright is amazing. She has been extremely kind, patient, and empathetic. We started with in-office appts and have been doing telemedicine ever since. So I would think, anyone in Florida could use her services. I can't say enough positive about her. The kids like her. We like her. Any hesitation we had about counseling therapy has been completely alleviated. My child is feeling so much happier and better about herself.

Call (727) 351-3366 to schedule your FREE consultation.

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